Perfect Productivity Possibilities with the Best Apps

The possibilities are endless, since thanks to technology we can offer communication with other devices software developer malaysia, such as the connection of the mobile with the smart watch, or the devices themselves are connected with the users through mobile applications, or the internet (IoT) as well as artificial intelligence where the mobile phone recognizes our voice, our iris or our face or augmented reality that offers an improved reality with the help of the mobile, just as Ikea does so we can put its products in our living room virtually. The productivity apps offer the right solutions there.

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What technologies are available for mobile application development

When a company wants to use mobile applications within its digital strategy, it is very important to take into account the different technologies. On the one hand, we have the possibility of using the programming languages ​​of each operating system of each of the different mobile devices.

Here IOS or Android stand out, these being the ones used by practically all mobile phones. On the other hand, we have the possibility of having technology that is hybrid, that is, that is between a web page and a mobile application that is equally valid for any operating system or mobile device, such as the PWA (Progressive Web Application) that also To save costs, it is essential for the natural positioning of the web.

The mobile application development company should advise you on the pros and cons of each of the technologies available in the market as well as this work could also be carried out by an expert Marketing Agency in the development of mobile apps.

Advertising in mobile applications

Having become the new mass communication medium, mobile apps are the most effective form of digital advertising to advertise. These devices and their applications have become the new way of advertising since almost all the time of mobile use is spent in applications and therefore we get a higher ROAS than we will get in other media such as television or newspapers. especially when our audience is younger. We realize that Gen Z hardly ever consumes content through traditional media.

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Programmatic advertising in mobile applications

When we talk about digital advertising and more specifically what we find in mobile applications, programmatic advertising is the most widespread, since it helps us find the audience that interests us the most at the lowest possible price, thanks to the purchase of audiences and auctions that take place in milliseconds.

The big difference between digital and programmatic advertising is that in conventional advertising we buy the medium in which our advertising will appear, in the case of programmatic what we buy are audiences, who in one way or another have some interest in our products or services.

We create attractive and innovative mobile apps that work on all devices

They develop mobile applications with special PWA technologies for SMEs in Navarra, especially those located in Pamplona that carry out their activity for companies belonging to the retail sector, such as restaurants, beauty centers, hotels, dentists, etc. We are committed to the objectives of our clients, providing proximity and the latest technologies. We rely on the knowledge and experience of Walterman, since we are partners of this prestigious Marketing Agency.