In the vast universe of possibilities that the web presents today, it is important to stand out from your competition by your know-how. In general, several sites already have a concept or a product/services similar to yours.

Your potential customers have more and more choices and ways to choose their product or solution using information from the web. Despite the evolution of information and communication methods, there are still many ways to make your brand, service, and reputation shine.

Collect as much information as possible about your visitors and customers.

Whether people are researching buying, comparing prices, adding items to their shopping cart online, you probably want to meet the expectations of your visitors every step of the way in the sales funnel.

However, the online shopping process is more sophisticated than ever, and consumer expectations have become very high. Getting your hands on data is key to maintaining that 1: 1 relationship with your customers. The reason? Simple: So, you can create the best and most relevant experience for every customer at every stage that contributes to online conversion.

When you have all the data, you can understand much better what is relevant and important to each visitor, and use that knowledge to deliver individual treatments.

Some tips:

  • Use Lucky Orange to record a few visits to your website.
  • Use events on your call-to-action for analytical data.
  • Capture information from forms to be completed on your website.

Understand visitors through the complete experience on your site

You can’t control the ways customers interact with your brand, but you can learn everything from your data about their interactions. Develop your knowledge to understand not only the acquisition channels and where they come from but also the data that connects these attribution channels and contributes to the conversion mechanism.

For example, someone might discover your brand through social media and ultimately convert through organic search using comparative queries with your competition. If this is a conclusion that explains your conversions, then you should bet more on these social media.

Are your customers doing research? Price comparisons? Try to understand the motivation of each client and discover the context and intention of each client. That way, you’ll be able to deliver the experience the customer wants, and spend the marketing investment time where it’s most beneficial.

Some tips:

  • Understand how people come in and out of your site through Google Analytics.
  • Understand which acquisition channel contributes the most to a particular goal.
  • Understand which pages contribute the most to conversions without being the endpoint.

Everything is optimized everywhere for each acquisition channel.

Make sure you are optimizing for conversions that are critical to your business success, regardless of the end goal. Improve the experience at every touchpoint and across all channels. This is the best way to boost your results and get the maximum return for every dollar you invest in your web marketing campaigns.

Some tips:

  • Optimize your tag for SEO.
  • Optimize your engagement through social media
  • Optimize your relationships and partnerships.
  • Optimize your story and the way you demonstrate your success.
  • Optimize your content and your content strategy.

Take action where it matters most.

When customers are on your site, they have a purpose – to browse the store, search for information, compare your products, try to buy, etc. See your historical data in relation to purchases, browsing, or even product comparison. Customers who bought or customers who just browsed. By examining these segments, you find areas for improvement or anomalies that you would not otherwise have found.